Valentine's Day gift guide for the Wine Lover

Gift Guide: Wine Lover
Wine lovers will love to be able to store special bottles of wine at just the right temperature. Great for aging wines and features nice clean design that looks good displayed openly.  Also comes in 8 and 16 bottle storage.  Price, depending on size: $159 - $399.
This handy little device enhances the flavor, bouquet and finish of red wines, resulting in a better taste without the need to let the bottle sit open before drinking. It speeds up the aerating process in a convenient way that is as easy to use as pouring a glass of wine.  Price range: $30 - $40.
 3. Wine Journal
 This comes in handy for remembering favorite, and not-so-favorite, bottles! Who wants to make the mistake of drinking something they don’t love twice?  This is a very easy D-I-Y that becomes a personal memento. You can also find many pre-made styles online. Don’t forget to include the stickies to remove wine labels!
 4. Wine Away
Any wine drinker you present this to will be pleased with this gift! Great for taking stains out of fabrics and furniture, plus it smells great and is safe for children and pets. Price range: $10 - $15.
We were the happy recipients of this gift one holiday and were consistently pleased with the wines we received. They also send monthly suggested recipe pairings for the wines. It’s a great way to try out some smaller California growers.  Price ranges from: $38 - $65 per monthly shipment.  


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