How this year's bride gets beautiful ~ treatments and products ~

How this year’s bride gets beautiful
It’s a fact that every bride looks gorgeous on her wedding day. But she works hard to get there (it’s true!). There are some new solutions to help a bride take her beauty up a notch—and they’re easier than ever. Here, treatments and products perfect for bride, bridesmaids, mom, and the new hubby:

For the bride-to-be (and her bridesmaids), try Pellevé (

Your goal on your big day? To look like you—only better. That’s where Pellevé™ Wrinkle Reduction System comes in. It’s a radiofrequency system that safely, effectively, and comfortably combats aging with virtually no pain and no downtime. Pellevé is perfect for women who are just starting to show the first signs of aging. Powered by radiowave technology, it softens wrinkles on the face by slowly heating the deep layers of the skin The heat stimulates new collagen formation to plump wrinkles, firm and tighten. The treatment is an instant refresher (results are immediate) and last six months. 

…And try ZO Skin Health Radical Night Repair Plus ($195;

The big day requires some work-around-the-clock products. Enter: a heavy-duty night cream. It’s the star product in Dr. Zein Obagi’s ZO Skin Health System for good reason: 1) it’s formulated with a 1% concentration of retinol, the highest available OTC and 2) it not only exfoliates away dead, dull cells, it also activates skin at the cellular level to repair and rebuild collagen, smoothing lines and wrinkles.

For the mother-of-the-bride, try evolastin

Kris Jenner famously got a facelift in time for Kim Kardasian’s wedding—but you don’t have to! New evolastin (launched January 2012) is based off of ePrime technology, the first-of-its-kind minimally invasive radiofrequency-based energy device that employs microneedling directly into the dermis to deliver a natural facelift-like result, without surgery. The treatment boosts the skin’s natural production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. It takes less than an hour and is performed under local anesthesia. Your result: skin that looks—and behaves—decades younger.

For the honeymoon, try Skinfo Pure Protection SPF 30 ($31.50;

While you and your honey are beachside sipping umbrella drinks, protect your skin from harmful—and aging—rays with a great sunscreen, like chemical-free Pure Protection SPF 30 from board-certified dermatologist Dr. Amy Forman Taub, MD. It’s formulated with 17% zinc oxide, as well as antioxidants green tea and vitamins. (Slather some on your guy, too!)


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