Ch*Armz Attachable sleeves

Ch*Armz Story
Ch*Armz was born from an idea that Carlie Tracey had while getting dressed one autumn morning in L.A. In a city that is without a winter, layering has become an art form to survive chilly mornings & warm afternoons.
After a recent shopping trip where she had scored some great summer tops off the sale rack, Carlie wanted to wear them now & not have to wait until next summer. Frustrated, in front of the mirror, she thought to herself: “If only I had some sleeves, I’d be warm & cute.” Thus the idea for Ch*Armz Attachable Sleeves was born.
Not a fan of adding bulk to her body, or ruining a neckline of a great top with a crewneck tee, Carlie set out to create sleeves that compliment and accessorize a wide variety of tops in every fashionista’s wardrobe.


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