Baby it's cold outside... guest post by Noreen Young

Baby it’s cold outside!

Noreen Young

Colder weather requires TLC from head to toe. Most women nor men think that as the seasons change not only should your skin care routine but so should your makeup ladies.
Your tan fades, your skin gets drier, your hands, feet and cuticles dry out and your face cheeks chap. Depending on where you live in the country you will need to adjust and make some dry skin beauty product purchases. Think emollient and hydrating. Even northeast Florida gets cold and your skin will show it.
Here is a beauty shopping grocery list to get you covered for the season:
(For ladies)
1. A creamy soap and a creamy face cleanser to remove makeup.
2. A rosewater skin freshener (not a drying alcohol based product)
3. An oil based moisturizer unless your face has acne. Even oily skin needs
4. Eye cream or eye gel (yes, even your under eyes and lids get dry)
5. Rosebud lip salve is all the rage with celebrities and moisturizes your lips,
cuticles, and chapped skin.
6. Exfoliate dead skin with a sloughing lotion weekly.
7. Use moisturizing facemasks once a week.
8. A nice warm bath can be a drop of eucalyptus, jojoba and you soaking for at least
10 minutes. Be cautious getting out of the tub. Enjoy some time for you!
9. Use a hand and body lotion all during the day and before you go to sleep at night.

Your make up routine should change a bit too!
Pearls of wisdom: Choose a lighter color foundation. (Unless you will
continue to spend a lot of time in the sun.) Select winter shades in lipsticks,
blush and eyeshades. However, avoid the deep colors of a vampire. Even
if they are in. Dark lipsticks always make your lips look smaller. Choose a
medium tone of a darker shade. Experiment with a lip stain lip-gloss. Dark
colors on the face can make your eyes or face appear tired too and age you!
*If you a woman of color of course you can wear deeper shades.

For the gentlemen:
Use a non-deodorant soap bar on your face the others will strip your face of it’s natural oils.
Use a shave cream with conditioners.
You too need an eye cream or eye gel to protect your gentle skin around the eye area.
Use a lip balm or a vitamin e stick on your lips.
Experience a honey and almond scrub weekly.
Use a creamy mint or clay mask to keep pores clean as well.

Apply hand and body lotion daily.

Sunscreens are essential even when the winter comes. Spots are for animals not for your skin. Skin cancer continues to be on the rise. Whether riding a bike in your neighborhood, playing a sport or driving in your car. You need to wear some everyday.

Keep hydrated. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. Your body needs water inside as well as outside. When the temperature gets cold, your face and body will show it!

Tip: Treat yourself to a salon or spa Paraffin hand and feet treatment. It is inexpensive and truly warms you up and conditions your skin beautifully. This is especially important when you have chronic dry skin or work outdoors for a living.

I am all about beauty that not only comes from a jar…but ones you can D.I.Y.

My recipe for a creamy face or hair mask


Mash the above together. Scoop up in your hand and place on your face (and even hair too) Leave on 10-15 minutes. Rinse well…you are marvelously moisturized.

A Mask for your Sweetie and You
1 container of plain yogurt
This is a skin softening delight. On a clean face, apply with a pastry brush some of the yogurt on both your faces, necks and lips too. A bit around the eyes and under eyes is also fine. Just be careful. Leave on about 10 minutes and rinse with luke warm water.
Follow with moisturizer.
Sore throat Soother
1 small slice of ginger
½ or 1 cup of pineapple chunks
1 cup of vanilla or plain yogurt
½ cup of ice

Blend the above. Sip slowly several times a day until your throat feels better.

If all else fails chicken soup is not only good for the soul…but for the throat too!


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