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By Krystal Baptiste!/BeautiMarkBella

Hello guys and beauties. I hope everyone is doing well, and getting ready for a great holiday season coming up. I wanted to write a review on the most raved and highly suggested vitamins for hair, skin, and nails. Phytophanere Dietary Supplements available at Sephora for $50. These supplements were part of my huge collective haul in 11/6/11. Phytophanere provides 120 caplets, which is supposed to lasts for two months. Each caplet provides the necessary vitamins,
minerals, and natural oils to nourish skin, strengthen hair, and fortify nails.

I originally bought these supplements for my healthy hair growth, because I transitioned from my relaxed hair routine to natural hair, and I want my hair to be healthy enough to grow.
Since, I am almost done with these supplements, I am proud to say that I actually do like these supplements and will definitely re-purchase them in the future. The pros are these supplements strengthened my hair and kept my scalp smooth from the necessary oils. My skin looked brighter, it also helped clear my acne, and I noticed a decrease of age lines around my face. My nails looked stronger, and clear. I absolutely have no complaints about the functionality of these supplements, and I can see that these supplements actually does it job. It works very well.

The only con I have about these supplements are I did not notice a difference in hair growth. I only noticed the thickness of my hair, but as far as hair length, I did not notice anything. I was disappointed, but I was pretty happy to notice that these supplements helps turn my fine hair, in to thick hair. I wish I could have noticed some change in length, but maybe my hair is still going through the process of getting used to being natural. I am definitely going to give these
supplements more time, and hopefully see a change in length growth of my hair. That is my only con about these supplements.

I like these supplements, and I can see why many people recommend them. They function well, do what they say it does for hair, skin, and nails, and it is definitely worth the $50. I know it is pricey for a bottle of caplets, but trust me; it is very worth trying out. The supplements actually last for 2 months. I suggest drinking plenty of water while taking these supplements, to see a

difference. I highly recommend these supplements to anyone who is looking for good functional hair, skin, and nail supplements. I guarantee you will like it. Thank you for reading. Stay happy & healthy beauties.


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