Roxanne Valinoti ~ CND Education Ambassador ~

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned about building a brand? 
Customization! Woman are looking for gorgeous natural looking nails even if they have to fake it, so I believe the trend is a higher level of expertise in custom client servicing. Custom design, custom color and custom product recommendations will allow for premium priced servicing that exceeds client satisfaction.

Has the success of  been overwhelming to you?

You must be extremely flexible because requests for nails usually happen very last minute.  Celebrities travel a lot so their schedules change all the time.  Time is usually an issue as well, so you must work quickly but impeccably.  You also become a pack mule, bringing along everything that you can possibly fit into a super-sized suitcase...because.... you never know!  And the one time you try to scale down and leave stuff at home is when you need it most!!

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting the brand?

I have been an education ambassador for CND for close to 10 years. I worked in a salon for 5 of those years. I was very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.  I live 40 minutes outside of NYC, which is where a lot of photo shoots and high profile events happen.  The first TV opportunity I received was from CND via Red PR to go do nails for the cast of Saturday Night Live.  Unfortunately I couldn’t take off from the salon with so little notice…I was fully booked for the next day, so I had to pass it up. I decided then that I was going to pursue this career.  I left the salon 6 weeks later and never looked back. My situation is different than most.  I do not have an agent because of time restraints.  I juggle education and PR with CND, so my time is limited as my calendar is booked months in advance.

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