Dr. Adam Cirlincione with Dr's REMEDY

What are your favorite ways to communicate with your customers and what do you plan on trying out in the future?
We love using social media and we want to continue our social media branding thru Facebook, twitter, blogging and word of mouth - all key arenas to help us build our brand.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned about building a brand?
We have learned that paid advertising is not the best way of spreading the news; that editorials, social media, and word of mouth is what we have found to be the best and most effective ways to build the brand.
What is the most important lesson life has taught you thus far?
If life throws lemons your way -- Make nail polish!!! In this day and age, being a doctor doesn't pay the bills like it used to. 

How do you see your career evolving in the near future?
We hope to see our brand grow and make this business something we can pass on to our children 

Please let our readers know where they can purchase your merchandise?
All of our products are available on our website, www.remedynails.com and in many podiatry offices around the country. 

What is your advice for those who want to start their own brand?
Don't look back -- the evolution of a product takes time and patience but can be done by anyone who really has a great fire to do so.  Patience is key. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting the brand?
I believe distribution channels are the most challenging. 

Who or what do you look to for your inspiration?
Our inspiration is our family and customers who love the product - They are what keep and drive us wanting to create new products and colors. 

Has the success been overwhelming to you?
We love the attention but feel that we have a long way to go to achieve our goals .... and we will continue to work hard to achieve them!!


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