Curtis A. Cluff CEO Envy Medical

What are your favorite ways to communicate with your customers and what do you plan on trying out in the future? 

**         I love to interact directly with the people who actually are using our products, so I can't help striking up conversations whenever I am in a position to             speak with customers, aestheticians or physicians who have direct experience with Lumixyl or other skincare products.  I also get very personally involved in communicating to our customers through our blog, where I am a regular contributor and read every comment that our customers post.  We are working ever closer with those power-bloggers (such as yourself!) who understand beauty, wellness and skin health because they are really at the center of how product knowledge is disseminated.  We plan to increase our involvement with social and online media.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned about building a brand? 

** Listen to your customers and then respond to what they say.   Lumixyl customers from New York to New Dehli have given very positive feedback about what they are experiencing with the Lumixyl System, but they also said "how do I treat the dark circles under my eyes".   We could have said – "use the Lumixyl Topical Brightening Crème", but when we really listened to individual experiences, we understood that there are several separate problems around the eye, and brightening the skin tone would solve one key problem – but just one.  That was not enough, because it would then require the customer to apply two or three separate products in an effort to get the result they needed.  This lead to developing Lumixyl REVITALEYES, the first and only product that effective addresses swelling, skin dehydration, photo-damage/age spots, and darkening caused by hemosiderin deposits in the tissue around the skin (hemosiderin leaks out of those tiny blood vessels around the eyes and then dries up, leaving iron and other mineral deposits.  Those deposits give that familiar blueish darkening under your eyes that make you look tired and fatigued).  The result is a break through product that Envy Medical was in a unique position to develop, but may never have happened without listening to our customers, and their skincare professionals.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you thus far?

** That happiness is not a destination, but a method of travel.  That method of travel is aided when you lift others along the way and treat their success as being just as important as your own.

How do you see your career evolving in the near future?

** I don’t know that I would have predicted how it has evolved to this point, so I am reluctant to try and define the course from here.  I do believe that we are involved in some very exciting work at ENVY Medical.  We are working on non-prescription technologies for treating acne, that are accomplishing within two weeks what a prescription topical may take 12 or 15 weeks to accomplish.  We have a library of peptide technologies that show great promise in just about every aspect of skin health and in treating the most common skin conditions, and I think this will keep me busy for years to come.

Please let our readers know where they can purchase your merchandise?

** Envy Medical stands for the highest degree of scientifically backed, clinically proven, specialized skin care. If you want to take your skin health to a whole new level, try a Lumixyl SilkPeel at anyone of 1,500 dermatology, medical spa and cosmetic surgery centers across North America. Visit our website and select "find a doctor" under the "skincare concerns" menu to find the nearest location.  

      The Lumixyl Topical Brightening System, was just launched in 2010 and is already available in medi-spas and physician offices in over 30 countries around the world. Most of our US physicians and medi-spa locations carry the full line of Lumixyl products, but if you can't get to one of those locations, you can find Lumixyl products at, where Dr. Joel Schlessinger has a team of skincare specialists standing by to help you get just what you need.

What is your advice for those who want to start their own brand?

**Identify a need that is not being met today, and then build your brand on the principal of meeting that need.

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting the brand?

** There are so many cosmetics out there making claims that they can't live up to, that it poses a challenge for people to be willing to try yet another new skincare product.  But there is a silver lining to that as well; what we find is that once individuals have used the Lumixyl System, they become very committed to it, because it delivers more than it promises, and those same people then become very loyal once they have used it and have seen the results in their own skin – without a prescription and without going through weeks of irritation.  At that point Lumixyl becomes much like your most trusted friend – you know you can count on it to do what it says it will do.

Who or what do you look to for your inspiration?

** Wherever I see beauty I find inspiration as well. There is beauty in nature, there is a deep beauty to science, there is profound beauty in the different cultures of the world.  People of every ethnicity and of every skin tone, are beautiful.  We take inspiration from all of these sources and put it into what we do at Envy Medical.
Has the success been overwhelming to you?

** Success has been exhilarating.  I am blessed to have a terrific team at Envy Medical, and the support of leading aesthetic/cosmetic experts around the world.  We have seen great success since launching the Lumixyl brand just last year, but really this is just the beginning.  What we really have accomplished is that we have laid a foundation of leadership in skin health for decades to come.


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