Glytone all in one kit takes away the guesswork

This is a great, professional product line if you’re in the market to improve skin tone. 
Glytone has an all in one kit, pictured  here, and the results have potential to change the skin and take years off your look. Here’s what Glytone can do:
“Reduce melasma and hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone, and improve skin smoothness and texture, while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”
Glytone is backed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons and its extremely reputable. I’ve used the products and I’m always pleased with them. I am a user of the Glycolic Mini Peel Gel which always leaves my skin looking brighter and pores looking less like pot holes.
To take the guess work out of what to buy, Glytone has kits put together for you. Don’t mess around with a variety of products, go straight to the kit and use what the professionals have lined up! Or mix and match. Either way, Glytone won’t steer you wrong.
The Normal to Oily kit includes Gel Cleanser, Essential Prep Toner,  SunVanish Rx, Sun Protect SPF 40, Skin Bleaching Clarifying Gel Rx,NEW Enhance Night Renewal Cream. There is also a normal to dry kit formulated for drier skin.


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