5 simple tips to achieve beautiful, radiant, summer skin

Medical Aesthetician, Susan Perry, Shares Her Expert Advice!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- Summertime is when we want our skin to glow, with radiant and flawless skin. It’s not always easy when the sun’s harmful rays are beating down on our delicate skin. Medical Aesthetician, Susan Perry, provides her expert tips to get that glow and prevent the number one cause of wrinkles, age spots, and premature aging – UV radiation.
Susan Says…
1.Check expiration dates: Check the expiration dates on your sunscreens. It’s a good idea to replace yearly and buy new ones to match to your skin type and needs. After you have thrown out the old ones, are you left with a great sunscreen that you love to use every day? Do you also have one for sport, for your body? Be sure to have the sunscreen for any occasion, on hand.
 2.Best 2 in 1 product: Use a daily moisturizer that includes a full- spectrum SPF when you are indoors, near bright windows, or driving. UVA penetrates windows and damages unprotected skin. Elta MD sun care line provides a complete spectrum of sun care products, one for every skin type, and unique need. 
 3.Renew: Exfoliation revs up the circulation, removes dead skin cells, and gives your skin a glow. Light peels and microdermabrasion are great in office treatments. For take- home treatment, try a lovely citrus scrub for the face. Some of my favorite at-home products include Microdermabrasion Cream by Physicians Complex, BioMedic Micro Exfoliating Scrub for the Face and Body or Deep Thermal Cleanser from Societe.
 4. Keep skin clear: Toners can also help clear away surface oils and grime while at the same time, they refresh, firm, and cool the skin. My favorite toners include Obagi Toner which is fresh and botanical for all skin types and Societe Conditioning Prep which tightens and brightens.
 5. Protect:  A typical white t- shirt gives about SPF7 and when it is wet –about SPF3. Columbia and Land’s End Sportswear offer lightweight clothing which protects up to 97.7% of harmful UV rays. These items of clothing are perfect for summer sailing or hiking.
This summer, be sun-smart and take care of your skin. Follow these five easy tips, and get skin that radiates all summer long!

About Susan Perry:Originally from England, Susan completed her training in Applied Aesthetics and Physiatrics in London. She has been working with plastic surgeon, Dr. Donald Brown, since 1993.Together, she and Dr. Brown created one of the first medical skin care programs in the United States. Throughout her career, Susan Perry has been dedicated to continuing education and has attended many advanced training schools and seminars. She is devoted to exploring the latest, most advanced skin care techniques and products available, eagerly integrating the most effective and promising of these into the practice.
Susan Perry is an active member of Associated Skin Care Professionals, a prestigious organization that is committed to excellence. She has extensive experience in the latest products and technologies, including microdermabrasion, alphahydroxy peels, beta hydroxy peels, Obagi® skin care, and acne treatments. All products and treatments are personally tested for their efficacy and approved by Susan Perry before they are offered to our patients. More information can be found at:www.susanperry.com


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