IsaBELT the Necessary Fashion Accessory

isABelt Ltd Will be at FAME Show 5/4-5/6 booth #2930 at Jacob Javitz Convention Center NYC
IsABelt….Clear…and Virtually invisible. The original fashion “fix-it” belt... no more back gap, slippage/tugging and pulling or belt bulk of jeans/pants.

The IsAbelt girls are doing their second FAME show on Sunday May 4th-Tuesday May 6th at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in New York City and will be located at booth #2930. IsABelt has sold over 20000 pieces and are in more than 100 stores throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean.

isABelt the original invisible belt takes care of Belt Bulk, back gap and slippage (tugging and pulling) of jeans/pants.

isABelt is the original “why didn't I think of that!” idea. If you have any of the following…a tiny waist and rounder hips or fuller round butt, then you know how it is almost impossible to find a pair of jeans/pants that fit. They usually gap around your waist, and you have to cinch them with a bulky belt.. and then you ruin the look of all your great tunic or, fitted tops with a bulky belt showing through underneath with the dreaded “belt bulge…Or you have a bigger middle and smaller hips and you again put on the belt to keep your pants from slipping or even worse. You don’t use a belt and your pants are constantly slipping and you have unsightly “plumber butt”… IsABelt is a thin, virtually invisible adjustable belt that cinches your pants in and eliminates the bunching that other belts create. The unique design of IsABelt allows the customer to customize the fit of the belt with the fit of the waist, and is available in three sizes: small (fits sizes up to 28" to size 6), medium (fits sizes 29"-32"to size 10), large (fits sizes 33"+) and IsABelt + (adjustable up to 50".)

The Necessary Fashion Accessory
isABelt is a virtually invisible, fully adjustable belt that keeps your outfit looking great by keeping your pants in place. isABelt is a 1/2 inch wide, strong, flexible belt that seems to virtually disappear when worn. isABelt is comfortable and does a little magic allowing you the subtle assurance that all is secure. isABelt is a utility device a Fashion "fix it" that is… flexible strong comfortable and tested to last.

isABelt is available at select retailers across the country and in Canada, and online at... Price available upon request.


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