Easeamine skin care line launches adenosine skin technology

New anti-aging line a result of extraordinary clinical success with healing effects for the skin

 Today marks the launch of the Easeamine® Skin Care Collection, a new line of anti-aging products with exclusive use of patented Adenosine Skin Technology™.  The Easeamine Skin Care Collection includes CleanserRevitalizing TonerDay Creme,Night Creme and Eye Creme, available for purchase online at www.easeamine.com.

Developed by Dr. James G. Dobson, Jr., Ph.D. and Dr. Michael Ethier, Ph.D. while conducting cardiovascular research at University of Massachusetts Medical School, Adenosine was discovered to have a marked effect on skin repair, resulting in the patent for Adenosine Skin Technology.
"Scientists and dermatologists have long sought topical treatments that stimulate collagen production in the skin," said Dr. Dobson.  "But until the use of Adenosine in Easeamine, the products available were limited to invasive treatments or chemical solutions."
Easeamine's Adenosine Skin Technology delivers Adenosine, a naturally-occuring compound found in all body tissue and fluids, to the lower layers of skin (dermis) where it(1):
  • increases the production of dermal fibroblast proteins (collagen and elastin),
  • increases blood flow to the outer layers of the skin, and
  • increases cell size, giving skin a fuller, smoother appearance.

Easeamine promotes healthy skin by decreasing the amount of wrinkling, roughness, dryness, laxity or sallowness in skin.  In clinical trials, Easeamine showed improvements of as much as 48% in skin firmness, softness and elasticity as well as improvement of fine lines and wrinkles.
Science aside, Easeamine Skin Care Collection heals more than the skin.  The purchase of Easeamine also benefits the Teresian Carmelite monastic community of Millbury, Mass. -- providing funding for its charitable work that benefits the underprivileged through educational and outreach programs.
"In transforming your skin you are providing an opportunity to transform the lives of others," says Brother Dennis Wyrzykowski, founder of Carmelite Works and prior of the Teresian Carmelites.
About Easeamine
The Easeamine® Skin Care Collection offers five anti-aging products: Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, Day Creme, Night Creme and Eye Creme.  Each product is available exclusively online through Carmel Laboratories, Inc. and has unparalleled anti-aging benefits.  Adenosine Skin Technology, the result of   Dr. James G. Dobson's cardiovascular research, is what sets Easeamine apart by taking the naturally-occurring compound Adenosine and turning it into a powerful weapon of rejuvenation, working from the inside out to create healthier, smoother and younger-looking skin.  Easeamine's patented trans-dermal delivery technology sends Adenosine deep into the lower layers of the skin where it works to increase production of collagen and elastin, increase blood flow to the outer layers of the skin and increase cell size for a smoother appearance.  In clinical trials, Easeamine measured unheard of results in firmness and elasticity and marked improvement in overall appearance.  All Easeamine products are free of parabens, preservatives, mineral oils, artificial fragrance and artificial colors and dyes.  Proceeds from sales of Easeamine benefit the monastic community and charitable work led by Prior, Brother Dennis Wyrzykowski of the Teresian Carmelites.  For more information, visit www.easeamine.com.
(1) Clinical safety and efficacy trials conducted in 2007 by International Research Services Inc.
SOURCE Easeamine


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