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According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the country, with roughly two million people being diagnosed with it each year. It is also estimated that about 90 percent of all non-melanoma skin cancer is directly associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. While many people are exposed to such radiation via the sun, it is also true that some 30 million people opt for indoor UV tanning methods each year, greatly increasing their chances of getting skin cancer.

For those who are seeking a healthy glow and year-round tan, but want to avoid skin cancer risks, a spray tan is the answer. Spray tans provide the same even, glowing tone that people seek through other routes, but it is a completely safe alternative.

“Of course we want a beautiful, tanned body, and the spray-on tan route will not only keep you looking good, but will help keep you healthy, as well,” explains Kelsey Jones, licensed aesthetician and owner of Lavish Tan (, located in Venice, Calif. “Our spray tan will give you that sexy, radiant look you want, as well as peace of mind to go with it.”

Lavish Tan specializes in providing a 99-percent-organic spray tan option that is comprised of a brown-sugar application. A certified airbrush technician applies the tan, which is customized to your desired tone. The brown sugar in the ingredients gradually oxidizes in the eight hours following the spray-on application, leaving behind a beautiful golden-brown tan.

There are other spray tan options, but the formula that Lavish Tan uses has made it a longer-lasting product, that is also customizable, with over 180 combinations from which clients can choose. The solution is absorbed into the skin’s pores, giving off a deep tanned color that lasts for 7-10 days following each application. Tanners can also choose from a line of added fragrances, including vanilla, cucumber melon, chocolate brownie, milk and honey, and others.

“What a great way to a beautiful look without the risks of getting cancer,” adds Jones. “With Christmas right around the corner it also makes for a perfect present with our gift certificates.”

Lavish Tan helps to fight skin cancer by donating 10 percent of all their spray-tan sales to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

About Lavish Tan
Lavish Tan, located in Venice, Calif., specializes in providing consumers with a safe, healthier tanning alternative. Their spray-tanning solution, comprised of 99 percent organic ingredients with a brown-sugar base, is customizable for all skin types. The tanning solution gives an even, beautiful glow for 7-10 days following each application. To learn more about Lavish Tan, visit the website at


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