Miss "oops" buh bye beauty blunders

It all started accidentally. Jennifer was buying a dress for a friend’s wedding at a local boutique. She found the perfect black dress--much different than the other 10,000 little black dresses hanging in her closet. When she reached for this latest version, she noticed unsightly deodorant smudges all over the dress! Unfortunately, this was a scene all too familiar to Jennifer. She had accidentally gotten deodorant marks on her black t-shirts many times over the years. But this time, she knew just what to do. Grab a dry sponge that won’t damage fabric and briskly wipe away the offending mark. She then decided to share this story with her close friend, who happened to be her mother, Terry Goodwin. The two women started discussing the various “oops” in beauty and fashion. They knew instantly—their destiny was to join forces and rid the world of these beauty blunders and fashion faux pas, one “oops” product at a time


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