Facial Rejuvenation: all natural facial filler

Stimulate your own collagen growth using filler derived from your own body. This completely new technology aggregates your own platelets suspended in plasma to naturally fill your skin depressions, acne scars, wrinkles and folds, rather than using synthetic, plastic, or animal-derived materials. Dr. Berdy then injects your own Platelet Rich Plasma derived from the patented FDA approved Selphyl™ process (we call it SmoothFILL™) to a treatment area of the face to stimulate cell proliferation. Over the following 3-7 weeks this promotes increased skin volume and rejuvenation. This natural procedure is performed in the SmoothMED office in less than 20 minutes and typically yields 4 cc of product – enough for facial contouring (with the approximate equivalent of 4 syringes of Juvederm or Resylane or Perlane or nearly 3 syringes of Radiesse.)
·         Has been shown to restore volume for up to 18 months
·         Visible results noted to begin three weeks post treatment by patients
·         No patient down-time
·         No risk of allergic reaction
·         No animal or foreign components
·         Mild volume loss can usually be corrected with one treatment; patients with severe volume loss may require more than one treatment.
·         Offers patients a more natural and long-lasting alternative to animal or synthetic fillers.
What is it?
SmoothFILL from SmoothMED is a new system of filling lines and folds, acne scars, and restoring volume to the cheeks. It is completely natural facial filler derived from a vial of your own blood which is processed to create Platelet Rich Plasma and since it is your own there is no risk of an allergic reaction.
What is the procedure like?
During a 20 minute procedure, approximately one vial of blood is drawn from your arm, then centrifuged (spun in a machine) by a system known as Selphyl. The Selphyl system enables the safe and rapid collection and preparation of platelet-rich plasma, and the resulting product is then injected back into your face to stimulate collagen growth.
Is it safe?
The PRP procedure has been used for the past seven years. It has been used clinically in Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics and Maxillofacial Surgery to stimulate rapid soft-tissue growth and healing.
How soon will I see a difference?
Unlike traditional fillers, the results will not be immediately apparent. The filling will take place over the subsequent seven weeks and may begin to be visible as early as three weeks later and can last up to 18 months or longer.
How much does it cost?
One SmoothFill treatment costs $1400. Such long-lasting results make it comparable to other injectables which may require follow-up treatments every 6 months.  One treatment provides the equivalent of three to four times the volume of synthetic fillers.


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