Must have trendy supplies for back to school

Ready or not, back-to-school time is almost here. When you head out for some supply shopping for your kids, keep in mind that the hottest trend in back-to-school this year is eco-friendly everything.
Brown bags, be gone! Kids and adults alike are opting for a more green approach to meal times. So many reusable bags are available in all price ranges making shopping for lunch carriers easy and fun.
Don’t stop at the lunch bag itself! You can also get reusable sandwich containers, soup containers and more to eliminate waste and help the environment.
Recycled notebooks, pencil bags, and even totes are all the rage this year as well. Carting around pencils in a bag that formerly held chips is not only cool for kids, but great for the earth. These are available at a variety of popular retail locations nation-wide includingTarget stores.
Something you never had to think about when you were a kid is a USB flash drivefor school. The days of only playing “Oregon Trail” on school computers are over (I hope), and children are often being required to bring a USB to save their work during class. Many are available, but go for the cheaper ones as they tend to get lost easily!
Another item worth talking about is the Wordlock. Sounds like a video game I know, but really Wordlock is a combination lock that allows your children to select their own four or five letter password to secure their belongings. This is really helpful for kids who tend to forget random number codes, and they look so much cooler than the typical turn-style locks you are used to seeing.
There are a ton of deals going on all over the place for back-to-school items right now. Keep your eyes open for ads in your local circulars, and try to get to them first…good deals go fast right now. Happy shopping!


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