~interview with company president, Joel Lachman, of Guinot USA~

Give me a detailed look at your company! How did you get started?

I sold a business when I was very young, and then moved to Paris and spent two years researching and meeting with various skin care companies.  I noticed Guinot had a big presence in Europe but not in the States…skincare was much more a part of women’s lives in Europe and Russia than in the US.  (As the adage goes, “A US secretary would spend her last dollar on makeup while a European secretary would spend it on skincare…”)  I was drawn to Guinot’s history and the quality of its products.   I made a deal with the owner of Guinot, who is the present owner still, to exclusively import and distribute in the US.  

What makes your company unique?

We have always been about only selling to spas and salons who do our treatments, and despite various offers to distribute in different retail channels, we have stayed the course and remained exclusively with spas.  So while many spa-only brands go unrecognized by the masses, we kept the integrity or our brand intact while possessing a recognizable name.

Who tests your products?

Research and development is done in our own pharmaceutical-grade standard factory outside of Paris.

I have very sensitive skin…

All of our products are calibrated towards sensitive skin, and most of the actives are florally- and herbally-derived and the scents are natural, not synthetic.

What are you business challenges?

As the spa industry has grown, which is good in terms of public awareness, there are a lot of companies that have begun promoting very trendy, not necessarily effective, treatments to appease the masses.  Some people are taken by the kitsch of treatments like “chocolate facials” and “caviar masks” etc.  However these treatments may not show the best results.  Guinot maintains their position that research and development are number one priority when it comes to good, efficacious treaments, not trends.  We are not a flavor of the month company and we aren’t going to have a chocolate facial anytime soon…

What experience has led you the development of your company? 

I went to graduate school for marketing and had a background in business.  As I mentioned before, I saw a chance to bring a product to and market it in the US, where it did not exist, and that is what drew me to develop my company. 

How are you using social media?

We’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and make sure to update our friends and fans on news, new product launches, press clips etc.  We are also making sure to stay on the radars of our beloved blog fans, such as yourself!

Are you involved with any charities?

We’ve always been involved in charity…most recently, we donated a substantial amount of products to a benefit that supported Haiti.

Where can we find your products?

You can go to  HYPERLINK "http://www.guinotusa.com" www.guinotusa.com and use the spa finder to locate a spa that carries Guinot near you!

Where would your company to be in 5 years?

We want to continue our emphasis on high quality distribution and maintaining relationships with people who’ve been providing Guinot services, people who have been very well trained by us.  Hopefully we’ll continue to honor the history of the brand because that is what makes it and has made Guinot so special over the past 45 years.  


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