Engagement and Wedding Trends for 2015

As Valentine’s Day is a day that’s synonymous with love and romance, it’s no wonder why many couples are choosing to get engaged and marry on the Hallmark holiday.

According to the U.S. Census, about 2.6 million Americans get married every year, with 10% of all marriage proposals occurring on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the single most popular day for wedding proposals out of the entire year.

In addition to proposals, many couples are also choosing to wed on this day of love. Among those couples are several celebrities, including actors Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, singer-songwriter Prince and Mayte Garcia, supermodel Adriana Lima and basketball player Marko Jaric, Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington and Jenisa Washington, and actress Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault.

“Because Valentine’s Day is day filled with love, romance, hearts and flowers, more and more couples are choosing to get engaged and wed on this very special day. And this year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, how perfect?” said Grace Caiazzo, owner and consultant at Bella Bridal & Heirlooms, an online bridal boutique that provides bridal accessories, wedding decorations and gifts. “It’s the perfect holiday for couples to celebrate their love and join their families together. It surely provides a symbol for their marriage, one that’s embodied by deep love and devotion.”

Caiazzo’s additional thoughts:
  • While common colors associated with Valentine’s Day are red and pink, more and more couples are having a black and white wedding. It’s an elegant color palette and you can add red or pink as color accents.
  • The theme of this day is romance, so fill the room with lots of candles so romance is in the air. 
  • Don’t forget to accessorize with a stunning necklace or a beautiful lace applique headpiece.  If lace is not your style then pick a gorgeous headpiece made of metal and crystals. 
  • Remember to give guests a perfect favor to end the night. Choose something that has the word “love” on it or an angel candle holder so that they can have their own romantic nights. 
  • Instead of using table numbers, name each table a different title of romantic movies

Spring/ Summer 2015 Beauty Trends

Spring and summer months couldn’t come soon enough as winter weathers right into 2015. Taking a look back at the Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week shows, we’ve rounded up the biggest trends in hair, makeup, and nails.

Texture is very relevant, but not in an over the top look. Simple styles but either silky sleek or wind blown wisps of hair showing through. Side braids with ruffled texture remained a staple during these seasons’ shows. Middle part, deep side part, or brushed back are your three rules of thumb. If hair has to go up, keep it in a relaxed updo- unless it’s a tight low bun that remained classic these seasons a la Dolce & Gabanna.

Less is more, and even less is even better. Take a cue from Marc Jacobs SS15 show where models were sent down the runway practically make-up free. Vibrant skin with natural tones on eyes and lips will have people believing you really “woke up like this”. If bold color is a must, do like CUTECIRCUIT and smolder eyes with a bright turquoise, but keep lips at a natural color. For bold color, the keyword is balance; pick either the eyes or lips to pop, but not both.

It’s time to down play nail art with simple sweeps of the polish brush to create a more classic design. Want some pizzazz to your manicure? Different color lines do the trick, swipe just one bright color line right below your French or the tip of the nail for an on trend and office appropriate manicure.

Dr. Jeannette Graf on cosmeceuticals: What works, What's Hot

 Distinguished dermatologist Jeannette Graf, MD, a highly regarded expert in the field of cosmetic dermatology, was a featured presenter on the topic of cosmeceuticals at the highly anticipated Cosmetic Surgery Forum in Las Vegas in early December 2014. A prominent independent dermatologist, and renowned as a groundbreaking pioneer in the anti-aging power of peptides, Dr. Graf lectured alongside three other leading dermatologists at a session titled "Cosmeceuticals: What Works, What Doesn't." Below, find highlights from Dr. Graf's presentation, including her list of must-have cosmeceutical skincare products:
Cosmeceuticals - What's Hot:
  • A New Generation of Oils - Advances in the ability to refine oils have led to a huge category of therapeutic options targeting a myriad of skin care needs and conditions.
  • Oil Boom for Every Skin Care Need - There are oils for every skin type - even oily complexions-that are also versatile for both a.m. and p.m. usage. The newest oils are pure and non-comedogenic, and the face oils can provide long-lasting hydrating benefits. The oils can be efficient as cleansers because oil attracts oil. Providing antioxidant and anti-aging benefits, oils can leave skin radiant without any greasy residue.
  • When It Comes to Beauty Waters There is No Drought in Sight - Hydrating toners, mists, cleansing waters and soothing waters are being developed and growth in these products has increased globally by 6% (data from NPD group). Water-based products, often using extracts from oils, are found to be light-textured and hydrating.
  • Micellar Cleansers - These cleansers contain "micelles" (which consist of a hydrophilic outer layer (water-loving), and hydrophobic inner layer (oil-loving - water hating) in an aqueous suspension, which require no rinsing while cleansing effectively and gently.
  • Fusions of Oil and Water - Color cosmetics are mixing silicone based make-up with water based primers. This will keep skin hydrated under oil-based make-up.
  • Probiotics - Probiotics are hot because they help to restore the balance of the natural microflora of the skin needed for optimum skin health. Skin topical probiotics are actively being researched, such as lactobacillus ferment, to help restrict the growth of harmful micro-organisms and to provide broad spectrum antimicrobial protection.
  • East Indian Sandalwood - It's a newly discovered ingredient found in the bark of the East Indian Sandalwood tree in Australia where it is most abundant. A parasitic tree, it's known for its distinctive grey bark. The extract from the bark has antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Powder Spray Deodorant - This is a new application of deodorant entering the market. A spray in powder form, it goes on dry so there's no waiting. Plus it's less irritating.
  • Coconut Oil is Still Hot - Lauric acid raises both good-for-skin HDL and LDL cholesterol levels and also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Virgin Coconut Oil has medium chain triglycerides - and is not as risky to health as other saturated fats. Solid at room temperature, it's an excellent moisturizer that melts to body temperature.
  • Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D3 is still trending. It's essential for everything from bone health to lowering your risk for heart disease and more; when used in skin care Vitamin D3 regulates antimicrobial function in skin and is essential for wound healing.
Cosmeceuticals Dr. Graf Likes:
  • Retinol - The most abundant form of Vitamin A in skin, it's excellent for photodamaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and elasticity.
  • Glytone Fading Lotion - The combination of Glycolic Acid (5%) and a pH of 3.6 works synergistically with Hydroquinone (2%).
  • Glytone Anti-aging Serum - The powerful antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Red Tea Flavonoids provide excellent skin penetration and remain in the skin up to 48 hours.
  • Avène XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil, XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cream and XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Balm - They're all excellent for dry, itchy skin and an impaired moisture barrier. The ingredient I-modulia® isolated from the thermal spring waters is extremely effective at calming pruritic skin.
  • Benzac Intensive Spot Treatment - A new product from Galderma, it's designed to treat adult acne with 2% Salicylic Acid, and without over-drying. It also contains East Indian Sandalwood Oil, which is extracted from the bark of the East Indian Sandalwood tree in Australia. It offers anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits.
  • Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 - This product contains dimethicone-coated micronized zinc oxide which offers an elegant moisturizing formulation. For all skin types and colors, it doesn't leave a cast on darker skin tones.
  • Avène Thermal Spring Water - Calms, soothes and softens. Rich in silicate and trace elements, the low salt mineral content does not dry out the skin. The pH 7.5 is a perfect balance of anions and cations. It's also preservative-free and hypoallergenic.
  • Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream - Extremely moisturizing, this cream utilizes Cellular Targeting Technology that allows lipids and peptides for enhanced skin penetration and moisture barrier repair. It also uses "soft-focus" technology to enhance complexion "glow."
  • Colorscience - This is excellent mineral make-up, especially the combination of Mineral Colorscience Bronzing Primer SPF 20 and Sunforgettable SPF 50 with retractable brush.
  • Oxygenetix - A lightweight healing foundation, it contains soothing botanicals and a rejuvenating complex. It also offers SPF 25 (UVA/UVB) and is water resistant.
  • Aquaphor - I just don't leave home without it! It's great for dry skin anywhere, and especially good for dry lips.
Jeannette Graf, M.D. - Recognized as one of the most distinguished dermatologists in the country, Dr. Graf is well known for her lifestyle and nutritional approach to skin care. A former fellow of NIH, Dr. Graf is consistently featured in national publications and scientific journals for her dermatology, skin science and anti-aging expertise. Dr. Graf is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in NY, and is the author of the best-selling book, Stop Aging, Start Living, in which she recognizesthe impact of pH balance on the way we look and feel. 

Last minute Limited edition fragrance gift sets for men and women on your list

This holiday season, make the special people in your life feel adored, transported or thrillingly alive. With limited edition fragrance gift sets for men and women, you can tailor your gift to everyone on your list.

  • Killer Queen by Katy Perry: Give the daring woman in your life a rebellious fragrance. Powerful and sophisticated, this floral fragrance with notes of Red Velvet Flower, Jasmine Sambac and Rainbow Plumeria will make her fit to rule. Includes a 2.5 fl oz Body Lotion, 0.5 fl oz EDP, and 2.5 fl oz Shower Gel. Price $21.99. Available at Kohl’s and mass drugstores nationwide.

  • Lady Gaga Fame: Out of the ordinary, like Lady Gaga herself, this fragrance is built around three main accords: dark, sensual and light. This unique scent is the first black Eau de Parfum that sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne. Includes a 1.0 fl oz EDP, and 2.5 fl oz Shower Gel. Price $21.99. Available at Kohl’s and mass drugstores nationwide.

  • Enrique Adrenaline: Turn up the heat for the holidays with this fragrance from Enrique Iglesias. Adrenaline exudes strength, self-assurance and coolness as it opens with a luminous mix of sparkling mandarin and zesty cedrat touched with a green hint of violet leaves. Includes a 1.0 fl oz EDT, and 2.5 fl oz Hair & Body Wash. Price $15.99. Available at mass drugstores nationwide.

  • GUESS Seductive Homme:  Make your man feel confident and sophisticated with this irresistible scent. Notes of mandarin pulp, pink pepper, vitiver and musk make this bold scent as uniquely sexy and irresistible as he is. Includes a 2.5 fl oz After Shave, 1.7 fl oz EDT, and 2.5 fl oz Shower Gel. Price $29.99. Available at Kohl’s and mass drugstores nationwide

Earth Enrichments make you feel as good as the ingredients inside

Skincare products that make you feel as good as the ingredients inside them!  
USDA approved organic skincare is the perfect gift for that special someone!

When it comes to the perfect gift for the special someone in your life, bath and skincare rates pretty high on the list.  Let’s face it, these products are so popular because they are pampering, nourishing, smell great and are well loved by people of any age.  Earth’s Enrichments provides luxury skincare at it’s finest.  Made from only the best all natural and organic ingredients, these products are sure to be a hit with anyone on your shopping list!

The USDA Organic Body Balm is the perfect way to say “I Love You” in a gift!  

Featuring luxurious shea butter and 6 other essential oils as well as yummy scents like Lemongrass, Lavender and Seaweed, this is the only BodyBalm anyone will need!  No greasiness or stickiness, USDA Organic Body Balm is just amazing hydration that penetrates deeply into skin.  You can even wash your hands 2 or 3 times without having to reapply! Combat winter dryness with a balm that leaves skin smooth and hydrated while smelling divine!

The USDA Sugar Scrubs are a sweet treat for anyone!  Earth’s Enrichments’ Sugar Scrubs are like nothing you have ever used before.  Instead ofdrying skin like most sugar scrubs, these contain healthy oils like olive and coconut so you are replenishing moisture while exfoliating!  No need to sacrifice healthy skin to exfoliate!  Available in 3 refreshing scents, these USDA Sugar 
Scrubs are the perfect gift when you want to get something unique and lush!

When you are looking for a bar soap that won’t dry out your skin, but instead will leave it feeling great, check out the USDA Bar Soap and you won’t be disappointed.  Since this bar soap is not made with water it won’t dry out skin like other bar soaps on the market.  Instead, it is enriched with coconut oil and aloe vera: two ingredients known for moisturizing and replenishing skin.  Why not get your loved one a bar or two in absolutely luscious scents like Lemon Fresh Shea, Calming Spa Seaweed, Chai La Tea just to name a few!

Earth’s Enrichments was created to provide healthy alternatives in the bath and skincare market without the harsh chemicals and unnatural ingredients found in many of today’s brands. Offering premium USDA Certified Organic Products that are gluten free and cruelty free, you couldn’t get a better combination than with Earth’s Enrichments—luxurious bath and skincare products that are as good for your skin as they feel! 

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